The Pax Token will seek to be listed on a number of exchanges including:

The School Of Music Theory And Audio Production (SOMTAAP) is an outreach that was designed by our executive creative director Joshua Lutz. He is currently running the pilot program under the name "Random Acts Of Songs(click to visit)." We plan on putting this outreach initiative in place using realty space PAX acquires. The Praetorian Group aims to give back to the same communities we will be investing in by creating a franchise of music education centers in the inner city where it is needed most.

66-85 73rd place 3rd Floor Queens, NY 11379



Learn why the Pax Token is being called the "most exciting token to date" by investing where NY needs it most.

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"Imagine having the opportunity to own a piece of New York Real Estate and be able to change people's lives through participation in a flourishing token."

The PAX Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet will enable users to spend their cryptocurrency anywhere in the world that accepts debit card transactions. A physical card will be issued alongside of an iOS/Android enabled app to make it convenient to spend your cryptocurrency where and when you want.

Real Card For Real Life


Ever since President Richard Nixon took America off the Gold Standard in 1971, people worldwide have been looking for an asset that is secured by real value. The Praetorian Group's mission from the outset had been to create a sound money cryptocurrency that will ensure protection of value and allow for appreciation of a holders value secured by the PAX Token. Our US sale is currently pending registration approval from our filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The First Sound Money Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Linked By Real Property

The first sound money cryptocurrency ecosystem linked by real property.

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Eradicating Blight

The perfect coin… actualized

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"Imagine having the opportunity to own a piece of New York Real Estate and be able to change people's lives through participation in a flourishing token."

See how the real world Pax Universal card will work for you.

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The Praetorian Group's PAX token is a totally unique cryptocurrency because it is backed by real assets. PAX will be cryptocurrency's first sound money cryptocurrency. The Praetorian Group chose real property to lay the foundation for its token's value because like gold it garners appreciation value but unlike gold holders will also enjoy participation in the net profits generated by the rents collected from tenants in Praetorian owned properties. The foundation of real estate coupled with our merchant services project in Phase 2 brings real returns to token holders for years to come.

In an excitingly historical move, the Praetorian Group has filed an S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Macrh of 2018 in order to achieve total transparency and bring sound money to the space, creating a new "Gold-Standard."  Our US sale is currently pending this approval.

Sound Money Cryptocurrency


The First Sound Money Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Linkd By Real Property

Pax Universal

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The first sound money cryptocurrency ecosystem linked by REAL property.

At this time, Praetorian real estate experts are identifying hundreds of potential properties in the New York area. Our launch of presale is currently pending SEC approval. Once the crowd funding campaign comes to a close, the Praetorian Group will begin making offers on these properties so we are able to close very quickly. Our hope is to slowly and carefully purchase 5 to 7 properties per month which will be posted on this website with full transparency. In addition, Praetorian will invest in the areas to help the respective community to help better the lives of residents, showing the world the power of crypotocurrency and how it can bring a positive and direct change to those most in need.

REAL Estate

 Our Work On the Block Chain

The blockchain allows for levels of transparency not realized at any time in history. The PAX Token, who's US sale is currently pending SEC Registration, will bring value, strength and transparency to cryptocurrency not realized to date by any other in the space. Our token will strengthen communities that have faced blight, disrepair and despair by infusing much needed capital and education. This infusion would not be possible without the blockchain.