The PAX Token

The First Sound Money Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Linked to REAL Property

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PAX is the First Token to File with the SEC

In an effort to provide compliance & transparency, PAX has filed an S-1 form with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC").

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The Pax Team

The team behind the PAX token is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the blockchain to the masses.

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What is PAX

Bringing Real Estate and Cryptocurrencies Together

The PAX token is linked to the value of the Praetorian Group’s real estate holdings, making it the first sound money cryptocurrency.

The Praetorian Group will couple these holdings with a merchant services platform with the goal of bringing real returns to token holders for many years to come.

How PAX Works

Learn the steps we will take to create the world's first sound money cryptocurrency.


Once approved by the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), PAX will begin an Initial Coin Offering ("ICO") for prospective investors.

PAX Token

The PAX token is expected to be listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Purchase Property

Once the ICO goals are met, Praetorian Group will use the funds raised to compile a real estate portfolio.


The PAX Token Benefits by Being Powered by the Blockchain


All information is stored on the blockchain.


Using this public ledger enables all parties to verify the legitimacy of transactions.


Data that has been written into smart contracts cannot be changed, reducing the risks of fraud.


Data is distributed through multiple nodes with each verifying the integrity of data.


Faster, cheaper transactions and settlements.


Using blockchain removes the need for a central clearing house.

Real Card For Real Life

During Phase II of the business, Praetorian Group will enable users to access and spend cryptocurrency anywhere in the world that accepts debit card transactions. A physical card that draws upon funds in the the PAX Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet will be issued along with an iOS/Android enabled app.

PAX Gives Back

Investing in America’s Future

The Praetorian Group will be much more than just another cryptocurrency startup. The PAX Token will enable thousands of people to have access to vocational, financial and trade arts education; drug addiction counseling and therapy; youth programs and intergenerational programming. Pilot programs are already underway.


Read our whitepaper to learn more about PAX.

Business Model

Detailed explanation of our two-phased business model.

The Team

Learn more about our founders, advisors and partners.

Token Sale Terms and Conditions

Information for investors regarding our ICO and the PAX token.


A milestone roadmap for the development stages of the PAX token. For more information, read our whitepaper.

December 2017
  • PAX tokens created using the ERC-20 standard
January - March 2018
  • Initial seed investments received
March 2018
  • Initial SEC filing
June/July 2018
  • Anticipated SEC approval

July/August 2018
  • Anticipated ICO launch
September 2018
  • Merchant platform development begins
October 2018
  • Initial real estate investments
March 2019
  • Beta version of merchant platform ready for testing


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