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Regulation In Sight?

Regulation enables, not stifles, ICO innovation

The cryptocurrency space prides itself upon a decentralized, self-policing ethos. But, with the rampant abuses practiced by several ICO operators in 2017, regulatory intervention in the space is now a given. Two schools of thought are emerging: The first is … Read More

Facebook Moves Into Blockchain

Facebook Moves Into Blockchain Opinion – “Facebook will issue a cryptocurrency soon” CNBC has reported as of May 8 th 2018 that Facebooks head of messaging app, David Marcus, is going to head the company’s exploratory committee on blockchain. This … Read More

Ripple A Security?

Ryan Coffey, an XRP (“Ripple”) investor, has filed a class action lawsuit in San Francisco County Superior Court. The class action he has filed seeks damages on behalf of all investors who purchased XRP tokens alleging that Ripple, the company … Read More

Survey Shows 20% of Finance Firms are Interested in Cryptocurrency

A new survey shows that one out of five finance firms are planning on trading cryptocurrencies this fiscal year. With regulators beginning to monitor cryptocurrencies and its prices stabilizing after its downtrend, investing in crypto might be a profitable venture. … Read More

German ICO “Savedroid” Fakes Exit Scam in Alleged PR Stunt

In one of the more strange alleged attempts at pushing for the highest level of ICO standards, German ICO Savedroid faked an exit scam which rattled its investor base and shook the ICO markets. Investors were thrown into a frenzy … Read More

Popular Crypto Exchange Kraken Defies Attorney General’s Inquiry

This week the New York Attorney General’s Office sent out 13 letters to various cryptocurrency exchanges to conduct an inquiry into their trading platforms. While most crypto exchanges welcomed the investigation, popular trading platform Kraken refuses to respond to the … Read More

Pornhub Begins Accepting Cryptocurrency & Why it Matters

Yesterday, internet porn giant Pornhub announced that it will begin to accept the highly suspicious cryptocurrency Verge as a form of payment for its premium services. To many in the crypto community, this move was undoubtedly non-conventional in that Verge, … Read More

Amazon Customers are Receptive to Banking and Crypto Services

A recent survey shows Amazon customers would be interested in blockchain technologies like cryptocurrencies and banking services developed by the company. Given Amazon’s position as one of the worlds leading online marketplace, the idea of creating a cryptocurrency and banking … Read More

Telegram Banned in Russia Due to Court Order Defiance

The Russian government has moved to ban popular messaging app Telegram within the country. Due to new anti-terrorism laws, government authorities must be given backdoor access to encrypted applications. The courts decision comes after Telegram missed its deadline on April … Read More

As Tax Day Approaches, Less than 100 Filers Report Crypto Gains

As the deadline for filing taxes approaches in the U.S., crypto traders and investors don’t seem to be in a rush to file their crypto gains. According to a report by Credit Karma’s tax services, less than 100 out of … Read More