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The Pioneering Real Estate Investment
Platform Powered by Blockchain

Setting a New Standard

The Praetorian Group will create the world's first stable coin linked by real estate. The PAX token is also the first Security Token Offering ("STO") to file with the U.S. Security and Exchange commission and seeks to help create a standard for future STOs.

Our Mission

The Praetorian Group's goal is to create a sound money cryptocurrency that is backed by a real world asset to ensure a protection of value and allow for long-term appreciation.

A stable coin with tangible value

Traditionally, owning a property requires a mortgage or a substantial amount of cash. With the PAX token, you can own a percentage of real estate property without breaking your finances. This foundation will give the PAX token a secure, tangible value that many other cryptocurrencies lack.

Transparent and Accountable

The Praetorian Group has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to register our initial token offering (STO) as a security. This will hold PAX to the same standards as traditional investments including bonds, equities and futures.

Meet the Team

Our senior leaders and advisors share a vision of making real estate investments available to the masses through use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. PAX believes that this approach can bring an abundance of wealth to the world while also enabling the upward mobility of neighborhoods and people left behind during the last several decades.

Gerard Marrone

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Gerard is a practicing attorney for over 16 years in NYC and has owned numerous successful companies. He is well versed in world wide real estate, FinTech and cryptocurrency. In 1994, he was a victim of a crime and paralyzed. He has overcome this trauma and through this adversity, gained tremendous compassion and unyielding drive to make the Praetorian Group a success.
Louis Adimando

Louis Adimando

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Louis Adimando is an attorney who has worked in finance for many years. Throughout his career, he has used his uncanny problem solving ability and unique worldview to craft long term value for his project teams. The Praetorian Group's mission, project plan, and ultimate success will be driven by his best in class vision and leadership.

Joshua Lutz

Creative Director
Joshua Lutz has over 20 years experience solving creative problems and building brands worldwide. Joshua addresses the many customer familiarity issues cryptocurrency faces in today's marketplace. Joshua is a deep-tech junky, graphic designer and conservatory graduated audio engineer. His love for cryptocurrency stems from an early love of trading.

Ahmad Siddiqi

Ahmad has been actively involved in the crypto community since 2013. With a 15 year of software development and finance experience under his belt, he is in a unique position to understand the benefits of crypto assets. He's currently working on growing the Smart contract ecosystem and theories on the blockchain, coupled with cutting-edge technologies such as React Java Script and Aspnet core to ensure smooth digital operations.

Ray Milian

Raymond serves as a social media specialist for the Praetorian Group. He has built a brand for himself on social media by amassing over 450,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Ray attended the Flatiron School for App Development and currently has two projects in the iOS and Android marketplace. Raymond brings expert knowledge on how the Praetorian Group will be able to greatly increase on all of Praetorian Group's social media outlets, specifically, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
Salvatore Pluchino

Salvatore Pluchino

Real Estate Advisor
Sal is a veteran New York City Real Estate investor and longtime president and CEO of one of NYC's top real estate acquisition firms. With over twenty years operating personnel Real Estate, Salvatore is one of New York's leading experts in the logistics of real estate. As advisor, Sal advises The Praetorian Group on building or investment activities and opportunities in the market and navigates the complex world of buying or selling of Praetorian owned properties in the ever changing and exciting real estate space.

Terry Nirmaier

Blockchain Advisor
Terry possess strong understanding of Object-Oriented Analysis/Design and Microsoft .NET Development and is highly skilled at progressing from problem statement to well-documented designs. He has an expert level knowledge of Microsoft.NET frameworks with experience to version 4.6 and brings his wealth of knowledge to PAX to help guide both the deep tech strategy for the private rounds, pre-sale, STO and beyond.

Lemont Joyner

LeMont Joyner serves as a social media specialist for the Praetorian Group. He has built a brand for himself on social media by amassing over 450,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. He obtained his Juris Doctorate from Washington and Lee University School of Law and his Bachelor of Arts from Hofstra University. LeMont brings expert knowledge on how the Praetorian Group will be able to greatly increase and maintain an online presence.
Chris Anderson

Christopher Anderson

Cyber Security & Business
Consultative enterprise sales and business development executive, Christopher Anderson has an advanced background in software integration, messaging, analytics, process automation and cybersecurity. Prior to his transition into enterprise software sales, he managed operational processing of domestic and international securities transactions in the financial services industry. More recently, he has achieved success in delivering solutions for the improvement of blockchain security. His proven insight will help drive solution development and facilitate necessary partnerships to execute on the strategic initiatives of the company.

Eli B. Perlman

Partnerships Advisor
Eli Perlman began his career in DEC (now HP), where he built, delivered, and sold solutions for healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies. Eli became the Director of Customer Systems at Quest Diagnostics and increased the number of Doctors and Hospital directly connected customers by over 500%. Additionally, Eli was at CSC Healthcare, the VP and GM of Delphi Technologies, the director of PSG at SeeBeyond, and then was the person who built the original Health Sciences vertical at TIBCO, increasing sales in each company. For the past year, Eli has grown the alliances for BlackRidge Technology, a most innovative and disruptive cybersecurity software company.

Gada Elkenani

Investor Liaison & Strategy Officer
Gada Elkenani has more than 20 years of experience in commercial banking for middle market and institutional clients. She created a specialty commercial lending portfolio of over $1.0 billion in assets for Commerce Bank (now TD Bank) and has also worked on multiple restructuring financings. Ms. Elkenani has been recognized for her ability to grow market share, create brand awareness, turn around non-performing banking locations and build profitable commercial loan portfolios. She connects PAX with our many interested investors as well as company strategist.

Service Providers

We are very proud to announce we have retained Marc Adesso at Waller Law to help guide us through the SEC approval process. Marc is recognized as a trailblazer for his work on securities regulation and corporate governance, and has established a national practice counseling issuers conducting mini-IPOs under Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act, which allows smaller privately held companies to raise up to $50 million per year by selling shares to the general public. To view Waller's website, click here.

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