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The latest news coverage about the Praetorian Group and PAX token.

First Come, First Serve: Praetorian Group Registers $75 million ICO with SEC
During the U.S. Senate’s first official hearing on cryptocurrencies, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton said all ICOs are securities and that no ICO had registered with his agency yet. That’s all changed now that The Praetorian Group has filed its $75 million USD token offering with the SEC. Read more

Here's a first: The Praetorian Group files $75 million ICO with the SEC
The Praetorian Group filed what appears to be the first initial coin offering (ICO) registering tokens with the SEC. It plans to raise $75 million by offering 15 million "PAX tokens" at $5 per token. Praetorian Group calls itself a Cryptocurrency Real Estate Investment Vehicle (C.R.E.I.V.). It claims that, unlike other cryptocurrencies, its tokens will be backed by real properties. Read more

Praetorian Group Files to be First ICO To Sell Registered Security Tokens in US
During the U.S. Senate’s first official hearing on cryptocurrencies, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton said all ICOs are securities and that no ICO had registered with his agency yet. That’s all changed now that The Praetorian Group has filed its $75 million USD token offering with the SEC. Read more

Cryptocurrency Real Estate Biz Files $75M ICO with SEC
Real estate-focused cryptocurrency startup The Praetorian Group filed an anticipated $75 million initial coin offering with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday, marking what is believed to be the first company to publicly register its ICO with the agency. Praetorian Group filed registration for the sale of 15 million tokens at $5 each to raise $75 million in equity, or a cryptocurrency equivalent, to fund the first phase of its business. That includes buying residential and commercial properties in the New York City area. Read more

Hong Kong Securities Regulator Shu
The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has stopped Black Cell Technology’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the grounds that the offering constituted an unregistered Collective Investment Scheme (CIS), according to a SFC website bulletin posted today, March 19. Black Cell must now refund Hong Kong investors of their investments in the token, which would support a mobile app call “Krops,” a marketplace for listing agricultural products. Read more

Praetorian Group Files S-1 with Securities and Exchange Commission
The Praetorian Group, Cryptocurrency’s First Sound Money Crypto, has filed its S-1 Registration Statement with the United States Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”). This marks a historic moment in both the cryptocurrency and securities industries as the company’s filing is the first of its kind. Read more

В SEC подана первая заявка на ICO
Полное отсутствие заявок на регистрацию токенов как ценных бумаг является одной из главных причин, по которым американские регуляторы проявляют к ICO повышенное внимание. Первые стартапы вообще не предполагали, что им необходима какая-либо регистрация, сейчас компании в большинстве своем утверждают, что их токены в категорию ценных бумаг не попадают. Однако теперь в SEC подана первая заявка на ICO, чьи токены станут считаться таковыми. Read more

ICO PAX: Il Gruppo Praetorian ha presentato una dichiarazione di registrazione al SEC.
Il Gruppo Praetorian ha registrato la sua ICO presso la Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) degli Stati Uniti. Questo segna un momento storico sia nel settore delle criptovalute che in quello dei titoli, in quanto il deposito della società è il primo del suo genere. Per oltre un anno la SEC ha commentato il fenomeno dell’offerta iniziale di monete (“ICO”) ma ha evitato di creare regolamenti direttamente nello spazio dell’ICO. Cercando di diventare il “Gold Standard” nello spazio criptovaluta, Il Praetorian Group ha deciso di alzare il tiro nel settore ICO e presentare una dichiarazione di registrazione al SEC. Read more

PAX Token ICO Buffer
Imagine bridging two major industries - residential real estate and the blockchain to create a first of its kind company that is independent of government and politics that results in a compassionate capitalist investment model changing people’s lives as we revitalize blighted communities throughout New York State. The Praetorian Group is creating the first ever Sound Money Cryptocurrency that will be backed by residential real estate in New York State. Our vision is to bring safety, security and lower volatility to the cryptocurrency community by introducing a sound money alternative to those cryptocurrencies currently in existence. Read more

20 Funds with $ 1.5 Billion Dollars and Hottest ICO in One Summit
We counted there are 3 to 5 crypto events daily. Some make money on hype, some are about the ideas not practice. But if prepare an ICO, attending an event should not be something abstract. The event where you can’t have a real talk with the large investors is a time waste. If you can’t get access to the best legal practices it’s a time waste. And finally, if you can’t get both in a one place - it’s a time waste. Get to the TimeCenter in New York on the 28th of March and meet the experts from Dentons, TechCrunch, CNBC, ICORating and over twenty crypto funds with total $1 bln in assets. Read more

Middle Village Firm to Bring Crypto Funds to Corner Stores
A Middle Village financial company is aiming to change the landscape of how people use cryptocurrency by making their assets deployable in day-to-day transactions. The Praetorian Group, made up of 10 financial and legal experts, is not only creating the software to make cryptocurrency purchases possible through a debit card at your neighborhood deli and other small businesses, but creating their own currency called the PAX token backed with its own gold standard: real estate. Read more

Louis Adimando, Praetorian Group CSO, Interview on Future Tech Podcast
Praetorian Group is in a class by themselves in the cryptocurrency market. They are actually the first cryptocurrency company to register with the SEC. Praetorian is also the first company to provide cryptocurrency that is backed by real estate. Chief Strategy Officer Louis Adimando discusses the benefits to investors who hold their PAX tokens. He also shares with us the process of creating “the world’s first sound money cryptocurrency.” Read more
relentless gentrification

The Bronx sheds image of urban blight, becomes latest target of New York City's relentless gentrification
Gerard Marrone, CEO and co-founder of real estate startup Praetorian Group, said that the South Bronx represents a ripe investment opportunity for those who are getting in early enough. "To me, the South Bronx is one of the last frontiers in New York," he said. "As the city's population grows and people search for convenient and affordable housing, buyers in the South Bronx will see their investments grow substantially." Read more
Utility Token? Why You’re Still Better Off as a Security

Utility Token? Why You’re Still Better Off as a Security
The SEC’s proclamation that ether (ETH) is not a security has sparked some celebration amongst the cryptocurrency community. Regulatory clarity is always a good thing, but ICO operators shouldn’t see this as a reason to put the champagne on ice. The fact is, ICOs are still better off operating as if they were securities. Even if the case can be made that you’re a utility token, there are still an array of external factors that can upend your legitimacy. Read more
Gerard Marrone and Louis Adimando of Praetorian Group

Queens entrepreneur is looking to link his cryptocurrency to a sure thing

Tenants would get a 1% discount for paying their rent with Pax Coin. “It’s a pretty solid idea,” said Morgan Hill, a cryptocurrency investor at Attis Capital. “You could say they’re trying to take advantage of the hype, but that’s a fair thing to do.” Indeed, Marrone is marketing his new coin at a time when Bitcoin is enjoying another resurgence. The digital currency sank to $6,000 per coin in the spring after topping out at $20,000 in January, but lately it has drifted back above $8,000. Read more