PAX Gives Back

Learn how PAX will elevate the communities it invests in.

More Than an Investment

It has been said that the results of philanthropy are beyond calculation. We are aiming to generate this transformative impact in the communities we invest in through an array of outreach programs. This cooperation taps into the combined power of crypto and fiat, infusing millions in fiat into former working-class communities and other neighborhoods throughout New York and the United States. Our aim is to help revitalize those markets and elevate trust and credibility in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our efforts will enable individuals who would otherwise not be exposed to cryptocurrencies to enjoy rewarding and enriching opportunities.

Outreach Programs

To uplift the communities we invest in, we plan to create and contribute to vocational programs around financial awareness, trade skills and the arts. By working with a variety of programs, we can reach the most people.

The power of the arts

Our Creative Director Joshua Lutz, who serves on the board of the New York Public Library for intergenerational outreach programming, has founded a 5013c program called Random Acts Of Songs( This program will be expanded into the communities we invest in, as we designate space in the properties we own to facilitate after school programs, youth education and intergenerational programing for the elderly.

Investing in the Community

Additionally, we plan to work collaboratively with local charities and help create new initiatives that best serves the needs of each respective community. At PAX, we feel it is our responsibility to extend the power of cryptocurrency to create a positive and direct impact to everyone we can.

The School of Visual and Audio Design

The School of Visual and Audio Design (SOVAD) is a education and training dedicated to teaching multimedia skills to individuals who would not have the resources to do so otherwise. The center nurtures creativity and artistry among individuals in every community it reaches, whether emerging or affluent. The program is currently run by our Creative Director Joshua Lutz in New York City at a leased location in Sunny Side, Queens located at 46-01 43rd Ave. This is currently run not for profit and exists to serve the community.

"Helping the communities we invest in is a core value and genuine passion of the Praetorian Group. Just as micro-finance is on its way to eradicating extreme poverty in our lifetime, we believe that we can deploy our financial strength to create vocational programming initiatives, uplift communities and transform individual lives. We want to put compassionate capitalism to work.”
Joshua Lutz
Joshua Lutz
Creative Director