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"Bitcoin is exciting me because it shows how cheap transactions can be." - Bill Gates.

Imagine buying a home on the blockchain and cutting the middle man completely out? Imaging having thousands and thousands of extra dollars to buy your family what they need, instead of making the middle man rich? This is the reality of the PAX token. Read this article to understand how this is possible:


From Conception To Reality

We know that half the battle of bitcoin in 2018 is the perception of digital currency in America and getting to work in the real world. Even though most first world countries are, if not already, transferring their currency to cyrptocurrency, America is very far behind this curve. World leaders like Bill Gates are adamant proponents of this inevitable currency yet many Americans have no idea what cryptocurrency even is. It has been said that the greatest hurdle bitcoin faces in this age is simply making it work in a day-to-day environment and getting the public on board. One of the leaders in this revolution is The Praetorian Group. 

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PAX Can Help

Stick with us as we explain the ins and outs of blockchain and break down the walls of misunderstanding. Cryptocurrency is here to stay. The Praetorian Group will show you how to take advantage of this exploding new world of tech and simplify the means for you to get involved with the PAX token from the ground floor at a grassroots level. Now is the time to get involved with something that can change your life forever!