You think you’re a good gamer who can beat any video game? we’ve good news for you. Japanese internet giant GMO has introduced one-of-a-kind mobile app called CryptoChips that lets gamers earn Bitcoin by playing video games. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The main idea is to integrate the evolving cryptocurrency market into the mainstream videogame industry.
The app allows game players to earn Bitcoin as rewards for playing video games. Gamers can get these rewards simply by accomplishing challenging missions, unlocking hidden levels, and completing other milestones. According to the officials at GMO, the app will be premiered on its mobile app Whimsical War, a real-time battle game that’s available for both Android and iPhone users.
The crypto experts are seeing this move as a major step toward company’s mission of becoming the top leading figure in the worldwide Bitcoin market.  According to GMO, the main reason behind CryptoChips launch is to boost crypto awareness all over the world. By doing so, the Japanese Internet Group is leveraging the demand of gaming industry to facilitate the adoption and advancement of cryptocurrencies. GMO is heavily involved in cryptocurrency mining, and they have earned around $3 million through mining.
In addition to earning through mining, GMP Internet also operates a crypto wallet and exchange service. In fact, the crypto exchange and wallet was their first foray into crypto world. Anyhow, CryptoChips is an ideal app for those wanting to earn cryptocurrencies online without having to invest much. The more you win the more cryptocurrency you get as rewards. Check out GMO’s official announcement to know more about CryptoChips.
How you look at CryptoChips? Have something to say about GMO or their app? Please feel free to offer your thoughts in the comment section below. We always value your feedback.

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