Two Markets, One Vision

The PAX token merges cryptocurrency and real assets to create stable support for its value.

Why Invest in a Real Asset Linked Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are still new to many investors. The lack of familiarity and high volatility can be intimidating. The PAX token aims to solve this by being linked to one of the oldest, most stable and well understood assets around: property. The purpose of having the value, stability and security of tangible assets behind the PAX token is to instill confidence and help counter the volatility seen in other cryptocurrencies.

The Benefits of Property

Appreciation Over Time

Historically, properties have tended to increase in value over time. Prices fluctuate, of course. But the price of real estate shifts upward as supply diminishes and locations become desirable.

Inflation Proof

As a real asset, property tends to be considered as an inflation hedge. The value of real estate tends to rise in line with inflation. This also factors into the price of rent.

Long Term Security

Due to its relative protection against inflation and potential to appreciate over time, real estate is a strong asset to hold for long periods of time. This makes property an ideal asset to help ensure long-term security.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency


Thanks to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency transactions cannot be manipulated or tampered with. Cryptocurrency also provides a level of anonymity.

Fraud Protection

Cryptocurrencies can’t be counterfeited. And on the blockchain, everything is traceable. The risk of identity theft is vastly lower.

Low Transaction Fees

The decentralized structure of cryptocurrencies mean they aren’t controlled by a central bank or financial institution. Cutting out the various middlemen help keep the cost of transacting to a minimum.

Watch How PAX Works

Multiple Ways For The PAX Token To Increase Value

I. As The Praetorian Group acquires new properties and starts receiving rental income, the base value of the PAX token is likely to increase.

III. As base value of the PAX token increases, it is anticipated that this will support demand on cryptocurrency exchanges.

II. Any increase in property value and tenancy lease rates will have a reciprocal effect on the value of the PAX token.

IV. When Phase II of The Praetorian Group’s business model launches, income from merchant services fees will also add to the token’s value.

Our Business Model

The Praetorian Group is operating a two-phase business model that will utilize various blockchain applications as the company grows through its projected milestones. Our mandate is to help make the benefits of cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses and ensure the integration of these innovative technologies into daily life. We seek to open access to individuals from around the world who may not otherwise be able to benefit from blockchain or own a piece of New York real estate. Our business model helps ensure we can do this with the utmost transparency and integrity.

Phase I

The first phase involves the acquisition of real estate properties with the proceeds of our Initial Coin Offering. In line with our mandate, these properties will be in lower income areas with the potential to increase in value, especially as we infuse additional money into these areas to fund outreach programs, modernize our properties to the benefit of residents and neighbors, and help elevate the quality of life throughout the neighborhood.

Token Sale

An initial $75 million PAX token sale will take place once our S-1 application is reviewed by the SEC and our filing is deemed effective.

Creating Value for the PAX Token

Once the STO is complete, we will begin purchasing both residential and commercial real estate to serve as a foundation for the PAX token’s value.

Adding Additional Value

Over time, the value of the PAX token will be supported by the appreciation of our real estate assets, the recurring rent rolls from these properties and the value returned to our token holders via annual dividends.

Listing on Cryptocurency Exchanges

We will aim to list the PAX token on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges. We anticipate that PAX will be traded against Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies as well as local fiat currency depending on the jurisdiction of the exchange.

Phase II

The second phase is where we will roll out technology that enables users to spend cryptocurrency anywhere in the world. This involves a blockchain-based multi-currency wallet, a merchant services platform, a universal PAX debit card, smartphone capabilities and AI. These technologies will further extend the PAX ecosystem and community.

Cryptocurrency Wallet + Debit Card

A debit card linked to the PAX Universal Wallet that will allow holders of cryptocurrency to seamlessly spend that cryptocurrency anywhere regardless of merchant adoption of cryptocurrency.

Merchant Services

Covering online and brick-and-mortar, this system will allow any person to spend their cryptocurrency regardless of the merchant.

Want to Know More?

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