Moscow Exchange MOEX

The Moscow Exchange MOEX is planning to list information regarding initial coin offerings and token sales, CEO Alexander Afanasiev said in an interview on Friday. However, the exchange has no plans to directly sell tokens.
They are currently developing one-of-a-kind platform for listing token exchange data, which is expected to be launched next year. The main reason behind this move is to supply complete information about ICOs and descriptions for particular tokens for traders so they can invest wisely. The team at MOEX is very committed to offering informative data so its users can make the most of it to invest in the right ICO investment. We may even offer futures for initial coin offerings, if there’s a need, CEO stated.

Here’s what CEO Afanasiev said: ‘’We’re treating them as we treat fiat currencies so far because cryptocurrencies don’t have a status of legally protected assets now, but if it changes we will place them in our system as well.’’

When it comes to digital currencies and blockchain technology, Russia is very cautious as their financial authorities and law enforcement agencies are not on the same page and oppose each other. I think that’s the main reason Russia is quite hesitant about supporting blockchain technology and its broad use.

During an interview given to a Russian national TV channel, president Vladimir Putin said that Russia should take blockchain technology seriously and explore the advantages and opportunities it can bring to the world.
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