Yesterday, internet porn giant Pornhub announced that it will begin to accept the highly suspicious cryptocurrency Verge as a form of payment for its premium services. To many in the crypto community, this move was undoubtedly non-conventional in that Verge, a crypto focused on privacy and anonymity, is not the most popular in the crypto space. This post is not so much about the good, bad and ugly of Verge as it is about why this news is bigger than the crypto adopted or the industry that has embraced cryptocurrency.

Why Verge?

Verge is a protocol that prides itself on the ability of users to register transactions on a public chain or private chain. The private chain is accessible via a Tor option that anonymizes the user who is registering the transaction on Verge’s private chain. The users IP address is also anonymized through Verge’s technology. When you look at the protocol based on the previous description, it would make sense as a choice for a company like Pornhub to accept that users who view that site and purchase premium services are likely to desire the anonymity that Verge would allow.

A Bumpy Track Record

The issue that most people have is the general “shadiness” of the Verge Founders and how the protocol came to the fore in the crypto space. Months ago, infamous crypto dynamo John McAfee tweeted about the cryptocurrency which sparked a significant run-up in the price. After a bit of time, the price began to drop off from the highs especially after McAfee clarified his tweet noting that he did not give a price target for the crypto just that he believed in its potential and that it was undervalued at the time of his tweet. The whole thing looked like a pump and dump scheme to a lot in the crypto community. Furthermore, there was a hack of the Verge protocol which allowed hackers to get away with millions worth of Verge tokens.

How this Affects the Cryptosphere

None of the aforementioned issues are the essential parts of this story. Verge successfully integrated itself into the fabric of an 83 million plus person community of viewers; that is the important piece of this news. Part of the problem with the crypto community in its infancy is mainstream access and growth opportunities. Whether you love Verge or not, having a community like Pornhub’s and its sister sites accept ANY cryptocurrency is good for the crypto community at large. The more eyes we can bring to crypto the widerspread adoption potential becomes and thereby increasing the amount of people participating in using cryptocurrency.

Baby Steps to Mainstream

Over time, as a community, we must applaud companies who are at the forefront of the fight for mainstream crypto adoption. While the Verge protocol might not be crypto’s sweetheart and Pornhub might not be the internets most favoured child, the coming together of these two marries the crypto community to a real growth engine. I applaud the efforts of Verge to be the crypto of record for a site like Pornhub and look forward to the broader adoption of cryptocurrency by larger internet communities.

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