During an interview given to a veritable online cryptocurrency blog news.bitcoin, the very famous adult film star Brenna Sparks said she is a big supporter of the fusion of sex industry and cryptocurrency. She said she has been persistently promoting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to her peers and co-workers throughout the adult film industry. Sparks greatly believes in Bitcoin Technology and thinks the day isn’t far off when the cryptocurrency technology will revolutionize the entire sex industry.  Besides, Sparks is also looking to film a few educational videos on how to use cyrptocurrencies the right way. She plans on making these tutorial videos naked. She is very committed to making the most of the latest technology to add more versatility to the adult film industry.
This is what she believes:
‘’We don’t need a government producing that legal tender either, computers do a far better job at producing an acceptable medium of exchange. Finally, we don’t need a government deciding what matters on our behalf. I believe a country of millions is much more capable of making decisions than a small handful of “elected” individuals. Governments of the past and present serve as a means to an end, that’s all. The future is in less governing, and eventually no governing or autonomous governing that corresponds to a successful self-governed society (or societies). This is not to say that we don’t need a government, but rather that we need a lot less of it.’’
She believes cryptocurrency offers a variety of things a libertarian can only dream of. It’s a secure medium that allows for you to exchange in a more reliable way that isn’t controlled by any central body like government. Digital currencies are built on specific protocols that are open to everyone to view and support.
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