The Benefits Of The Pax Token

The benefits of this company being decentralized and on the block chain are that the PAX token is funded purely by crypto currency. For the first time in history, tenants will will receive a portion of their monthly rent back in PAX Token making them "owners" of the building in which they live AND participants in the cryptocurrency revolution. In addition, participants have the option to convert cryptocurrency like BTC and ETH to the PAX token giving the PAX token liquidity and ease of transfer peer to peer. Once the campaign closes, Praetorian will leverage and convert crypto back into local fiat on a deal-by- deal basis so as to not adversely affect the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other cryptocurrencies accepted during the Token Sale. This cooperation and alliance will marry crypto and fiat by infusing tens of millions of fiat back into blighted areas of free market economies in lower income areas throughout New York, the five boroughs and the upstate area thus strengthening those markets and gaining trust and credibility in the crypto currency ecosystem. This phenomenon will be money created for the first time not by a Central Bank or the International Monetary Fund, but created out of the success of crypto currency. The infusion of “New Money” into depressed areas for housing and a better quality of life will change people’s lives immediately. The Praetorian Group has no political agenda and is not controlled by a central force so, for the first time in history a pure free market economy and Laissez Faire Capitalism will emerge. Praetorian is this company the blockchain is the vehicle.

The Next Step

A token crowd funding campaign is an opportunity in which a newly created token/crypto currency offers to sell a portion of its crypto currency token to early adopters and blockchain savvy individuals in exchange for funding. This method of raising funds has become the norm and a well-respected and acceptable way to
raise funds in the blockchain ecosystem. The sale of the PAX token in connection to the Praetorian PAX Token Initial Coin Sale and you as a purchaser of said token will be governed by the disclosures, warning and terms and conditions of said ICO contained herein.

Our pre-sale launch is currently pending U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approval. All tokens will be sold exclusively on the Praetorian Group’s website

Pre-Sale Countdown


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2 Phase Business Model

Phase 1
Acquisition of real estate in lower income areas around the New York City area and to infuse crypto currency into these areas and fund out reach programs in the communities.

Some of the key features of Phase 1 include: 
  • An initial $50 Million PAX Token in presale and $200 million at ICO. 
  • Creation of the first sound money cryptocurrency by purchasing residential real estate to act as a foundation of value for the PAX Token.
  • The PAX Tokens value will compromise the foundation of appreciable real estate assets, recurring rent rolls on these properties, and the value it returned to our token holders
  • Once exchange traded, PAX will be traded against Bitcoin, Expanse and local fiat currencies.

Crowd Funded For Success

While most crowd funding campaigns are merely ideas and start ups, the Praetorian Group’s Token is linked by real estate on the blockchain. The world has never seen anything like this, and YOU can be involved right now.

Technology that Works

Praetorian’s vision is to bring cryptocurreny and blockchain technology to the masses for an understanding, cooperation and integration into the daily lives for individuals around the world, who normally would never have access to the amazing benefits of blockchain technology, while maintaining transparency and integrity. 
The Praetorian Group ICO rating

Phase 2

The “Pax Universal” Cyrptocurrency Blockchain Asset Wallet will enable users to spend crypto currency anywhere in the world that accepts credit cards or fiat debit cards, utilizing their smartphone or a debit card. Some of the key features of Phase 2 include:
  • User will globally transfer crypto currency peer to peer fast, safe and securely.
  • Merchant services to be set up by Pax Universal in retail stores both online and physically.
  • Crypto currency ATM’s accepting local fiat to convert into crypto currency.

How We Work

Praetorian is a two-phase business model that will utilize a number of blockchain opportunities as the company grows through its projected milestones. Praetorian's mandate is to bring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the masses for an understanding, cooperation and integration into the daily lives of individuals around the world who normally would never have access to the amazing benefits of blockchain technology or to own a piece of New York real estate; all of this while maintaining transparency and integrity. 

Launch of pre-sale pending U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approval.

We are the first company to have attempted SEC registration and are currently awaiting this approval.

Imagine bridging two major industries, real estate and the blockchain with the power of the internet to create the first ever decentralized company, independent of government and politics with the result being a capitalistic compassion to the people and projects we invest in. The Praetorian Group is the first ever Crowd Funding Token Sale backed by real and tangible assets. While most crowd funding campaigns are merely ideas and start ups, the Praetorian Group’s Token is backed by real estate using blockchain technology.

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