Praetorian will seek out commercial & residential real estate properties for sale, foreclosures and other real estate related opportunities like developing and private financing. The company’s mandate is to acquire real property in lower economic areas. Concentrating the majority of Praetorian’s purchases of housing for families and the balance of acquisitions in mixed use commercial and apartment buildings, believing that retail space is in a decline as more and more people shop on the Internet. However, people will always need to live somewhere. Therefore, it is highly probable that apartment buildings in lower economic areas will usually have a very low to zero vacancy rate. In addition to this, Praetorian is in a very unique position to infuse “new money” into economies that need it the most. Along with housing, Praetorian is dedicated to adding a better quality of life to the people living in the areas in which it invests. Poverty today is unacceptable in a world where there is enough money for everyone. Praetorian feels that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is the answer to aid and better the quality of people’s living standards and life by not relying on a government for assistance yet at the same time following all local laws and regulations. Moreover, it is the power of the blockchain that can now bring new opportunities to individuals who otherwise would never have the potential for a better life. The Praetorian’s PAX Token is the vehicle for this change.

At this time, Praetorian real estate experts are identifying hundreds of potential properties in the New York area. As the date arrives for our crowd funding campaign to close, Praetorian will begin making offers on these properties so we are able to close very quickly. Our hope is to slowly and carefully purchase 5 to 7 properties per month. Each property purchased will be posted on the Praetorian website with all information for public view. In addition to purchasing these properties, Praetorian will invest in the areas to help the respective community by making donations to local charities and initiating programs to help better the lives of residents. Praetorian feels it is their obligation to show the world the power of crypotocurrency and how it can bring a positive and direct change to those most in need. We are excited to begin this journey of compassion and change all over the world.

Phase 2- PAX Crypto Debit Card APP Wallet

Phase 2 will begin within 12 months post campaign closure. Using existing technology, this phase will create The “PAX” Cyrptocurrency Blockchain Asset Wallet which will enable users to spend crypto currency anywhere in the world that fiat currency debit or credit cards are accepted, and instantly convert that particular crypto currency, like BTC, ETH, LTC, Dash, NEO, OMG and many others, into the local fiat of the region in which the transaction has occurred, or making a purchase in crypto currency utilizing their smartphone or a debit card or a credit card. Once again, as seen in Phase 1 of Praetorian’s mandate, crypto currency will be infused in the fiat market economy allowing for stronger economies and additional spending stimulating income, jobs and guided by the blockchain with no government intervention or central planning. Enabling an entirely new division of currency to be accepted by hard working retail merchants. The PAX wallet enables users to bring the technology to the merchant instead of waiting perhaps years for a local small merchant to upgrade and accept a new form of payment, which they may not completely understand or even trust. Confidence and reliability in the blockchain will be established by ordinary people very quickly.

Users will also be able to transfer crypto currency peer to peer fast, safe and securely anywhere in the world via the PAX Wallet.

Users will have the option to order a universally accepted PAX debit card and in the near future even apply for a crypto PAX credit card paying a much lower rate then those that are currently on the market. Instead of 14% to 20% interest rates, qualifying PAX members will enjoy 4% to 8% interest rates. This simply benefit alone will disrupt the credit card industry that has been taking advantage of their own customers for decades with usurious interest rates and hostile collection tactics.

In addition, users will earn a 0.2% reward for every purchase they make. These rewards will be transferred directly in the user’s PAX wallet within hours of the their purchase in the form of PAX tokens, which users can spend, hold and even sell on one of many crypto currency exchanges throughout the world.

Similarly residents of our properties who pay their rent using the PAX debit card will receive 0.2% back in the form of PAX tokens and be able to participate in cryptocurrency and own a piece of the property in which they live. This is a very important fact to highlight because this will be the first time in history that a renter will be rewarded by their landlord for simply paying their rent. Even more important to highlight is the fact that these residents in blighted areas will be participating in cryptocurrency, an opportunity they would never see prior to the emergence of this exciting technology.

The creation of a PAX debit card to be used all over the world and is connected directly to user’s PAX wallet where users can download the wallet for free on Android and IOS platforms. Once the user downloads the PAX App they simply enter their name, telephone number and email address and can immediately deposit a multitude of crypto into their PAX wallet; securely and safely. The cryptocurrencies never have to be converted into fiat money until the user is ready to make a purchase. All crypto to fiat conversions will happen in real time at current rates using already existing technology.

Merchant services will be be set up by PAX in retail stores both online and physically where merchants will be able to accept a variety of crypto currency to make day-to-day purchases through a variety of strategic partnerships with merchant service companies throughout the world that are very excited to accept cryptocurrency as another form of payment.



Giving back to the communities that Praetorian purchase its properties in is the most important mandate of our company. Primarily, Praetorian will make physical improvements to the buildings it acquires. Secondly, by working with community action groups and leaders to identify any needs of a particular community, whether this is community “outreach programs”, education, jobs training and/or food and pantry services. Whatever it takes to better the community, Praetorian is committed to make it happen. See some of our pilot programs we founded in action right now at

Pre-Sale Countdown

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The Sound Money Cryptocurrency
Trading under the Symbol



The PAX Universal Debit/Credit card works very simply and is quite easy to understand. The user swipes their PAX card through the merchant’s credit/debit card machine port or computer system. Instantly through a number of new and existing technologies we have at our disposal, a network router will send an invoice in fiat money to the Praetorian server. Next the PAX user will receive an electronic invoice on in their wallet. The users will choose their desired crypto currency and simply pay their invoice and receive rewards for this purchase in the form of PAX tokens, which will be purchased on the open market by Praetorian.

Furthermore, the PAX cardholder enjoys low and even no fees for the using their debit card. This is possible because Praetorian is paid by the merchant’s bank or the issuing portion of the transaction. In any debit or credit card transaction today there are two components, the acquirer and the issuer. Praetorian, working with other entities is on the issuing side of the transaction. The acquiring entity is an entity like a bank that searches for merchants to accept the transaction at the point of sale. For example once a sale is made for $100 USD, the bank merchant must pay a small fee which in many cases is 3% of the purchase. The merchant will get $97 and the acquiring bank will take $3. Now that $3 is split between the Acquiring bank and the Issuer, Visa or Master Card and Praetorian. With this traditional system, the customer does not pay anything, but the merchant that pays all fees. This works all over the world. The only other fee is if not using USD or Euros; Praetorian cannot control an interchange fee at this time as this fee is an international fee.


Since Praetorian is U.S. based, we will concentrate on creating the functionality of the PAX Debit card first in the United States. Other similar companies fail here and have neglected the U.S. market. It is clear to see how potentially lucrative the PAX Debit card transactions fees will be. This is not including the future issuance of a PAX credit card, which will add additional income to Praetorian.

We will have a significant ramp up period and on the date of going live anticipate to have 1 million potential users. By January 2020 Praetorian projects having 5 million users and by January 2021 a minimum of 10 million users. This includes the development of a PAX Credit card and the continuous rental income for Phase 1.

By this period, a mere three years from today, Praetorian will have an estimated worth of 5 Billion USD.



A token crowd funding campaign is an opportunity in which a newly created token/crypto currency offers to sell a portion of its crypto currency token to early adopters and blockchain savvy individuals in exchange for funding. This method of raising funds has become the norm and a well-respected and acceptable way to raise funds in the blockchain ecosystem.

The sale of the PAX token in connection to the Praetorian PAX Token Initial Coin Sale and you as a purchaser of said token will be governed by the disclosures, warning and terms and conditions of said ICO contained herein.

We are currently in a private round of investing with a launch of presale pending SEC approval.

All tokens will be sold exclusively on the Praetorian Group’s website Users can purchase tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PIVX and Steemit etc.

In the event there is a high demand for tokens Praetorian reserves the right to issue a second and third round ICO wave in which principals will offer their tokens up for sale to the general public at a price TBD. If this were to occur, Praetorian would provide 5 days notice via various mediums.

 We anticipate the majority of tokens to be traded on the various crypto currency exchanges. However, in an effort to increase liquidity and exposure of the Praetorian PAX token to a broader population, Praetorian will also endeavor to include PAX tokens in some classic exchanges such as: Bittrex, Binance, and Liqui.

******On an annual basis, all Praetorian PAX Token Holders are entitled to their share of our net profit, (revenue minus expenses). This will be paid in PAX tokens purchased on the exchange when the company is profitable. Detailed quarterly reports will be published to provide full transparency on our operations.*******


The following is a breakdown of the Praetorian PAX Token Crowd Funding allocation. In total there are 200,000,000 PAX tokens. Praetorian will not issue and/or create any more tokens beyond that sum. In the event that the Praetorian token sale sells out completely, it would give Praetorian a run rate of 12 months, so Principals, would not execute any tokens on the open market for at least 180 days as a lock up period and to further secure the value of the PAX token. However, if there is a need for additional capital beyond the 12 month period, Principals/Owners will sell tokens OTC, or in a controlled and responsible way to avoid impact on the price of Praetorian PAX Token.

Token Sale Advisors/Employees Pre-Sale

65.00% 130mm tokens 20.00% 40mm tokens 5.00% 10mm tokens 10.00% 20mm tokens

Each PAX token will be sold for 300/5 ETH, meaning 1 ETH will give you 60 PAX tokens. Other accepted crypto currencies will be converted live into ETH. There is a minimum purchase amount of 2 PAX tokens per purchase. PAX token purchasers must not be United States citizens or residents. U.S. citizens are not eligible to purchase PAX tokens during the crowd funding campaign period.

In the event that the Praetorian campaign fails to reach its goal then in that event all tokens distributed will be adjusted accordingly and the difference between such lower amount and maximum amount to be reserved for future token crowd funding campaigns.


Any and all crypto currency received by Praetorian in connection with the PAX initial coin offering will be held securely in escrow in a triple signature with an additional multi key structure. These keys will be kept in a hard secret location.


We stand firm that the Praetorian PAX Token sale is an extremely unique and exciting opportunity. This is an event that has never been done before. Praetorian is substantially different from the many ICO’s out in the market.

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Real Estate has created more wealth than any other platform in history (before cryptocurrency that is). The Praetorian Group will create a solid foundation for its cryptocurrency (PAX Token) by purchasing and leveraging various categories of real property with a gross 10 to 18% CAP rate. Token holders will enjoy a solid participation and Praetorian will quickly enter the real estate market thus generating an anticipated profit within 45 days of closing its crowd funding campaign which separates us from other ICO companies that might not turn a profit for many years after their ICO closes. In addition, every real estate acquisition will be published on the Praetorian website,, with detailed profit/loss and purchase price for all investors to see within 24-48 hours of the purchase.

The Praetorian Group will grant short to medium term commercial private loans, for further profit, to entities if they pass the company’s underwriting process, inclusive of credit score, personal guarantees and solid loan to value ratios.



Imagine bridging two major industries - residential real estate and the
blockchain to create a first of its kind company that is independent of government
and politics that results in a compassionate capitalist investment model changing
people’s lives as we revitalize blighted communities throughout New York State.
The Praetorian Group is creating the first ever Sound Money Cryptocurrency that
will be linked by residential real estate in New York State. Our vision is to bring
safety, security and lower volatility to the cryptocurrency community by
introducing a sound money alternative to those cryptocurrencies currently in
existence. We are especially excited to be able to bring cryptocurrency to those who
would never have the opportunity to understand it and use it to better their lives.

Imagine owning a cryptocurrency that translates into and allows you to hold
a percentage of the New York real estate market which is the hottest market in the
world. Furthermore, imagine being able to change people’s lives through your
participation in Praetorian Group’s vision.

Praetorian is currently a two-phase business model that will utilize a number
of blockchain opportunities as the company grows through its projected milestones.

Phase 1- The acquisition of New York residential real estate properties
funded by our Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”). The Praetorian Group’s vision is
to invest in lower income areas that are set to increase in value, infuse
cryptocurrency into these areas and to fund “Outreach Programs” to enrich
the quality of life for the residents in Praetorian Group owned properties.

Phase 2- Creation of the “PAX” Cyrptocurrency Blockchain Asset Wallet
that will enable users to spend cryptocurrency anywhere in the world by
utilizing their smartphone or a universal PAX debit card. This Asset Wallet
and debit card will be the next step in our ecosystem and community based
around the PAX Token.

Phase 1- Acquisitions of Real Property

The First Sound Money Cryptocurrency

In the 1970s the United States faced rising inflation caused by an oil shock, rampant spending not offset by cuts, and a “general malaise” in the job markets. This inflation caused a huge dollar devaluation not seen in the history of the dollar. The only thing that was saving the dollar was the fact that it was in theory still convertible to gold at the “gold window” of the US Federal Reserve. Then in 1971, President Richard Nixon unilaterally ordered the cancellation of the direct convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold. This act was known as the “Nixon Shock.” From this point forward in the history of the United States dollars could not be converted to gold. This event had ramifications felt all over the entire world; the U.S. monetary system officially became a purely fiat currency system where the U.S. dollar was backed by nothing at all but the good faith of the government. Since that time no currency backed by a real asset like real estate or anything of value for that matter. Now with the emergence of blockchain technology a cryptocurrency can be backed by a solid passive income generating asset- real estate. Clearly, the Praetorian C.R.E.I.T. PAX Token is the very first of this type of secured and asset backed currency.

As Adam Smith warns in his publication, The Wealth of Nations, “it is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest. We address ourselves, not to their humanity but to their self-love, and never talk to them about our own necessities but of their advantages. “ Thus Smith’s chief worry seems to be “when business is given special protections or privileges from government.” Decentralized blockchain changes all this and levels the economic playing field with fairness and no control over a free market economy. It is blockchain that is the vehicle to allow a free market to now be truly free. A free economy in which a system for goods and services are determined by the open market and consumers, in which the laws and forces of supply and demand are free from any intervention by a government, price setting monopoly or other central authority. The PAX Token like not other platform on the blockchain will ensure this fairness.


The Praetorian PAX Token is a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. The PAX Token is a digital currency using smart contracts to ensure trust and integrity and uses cryptography for its security. Cryptocurrencies are not susceptible to government or central bank manipulation or inflation. The liquidity and investability of the PAX Token may increase in a number of ways: 1) as Praetorian acquires new properties and receives rental income 2) as the acquired properties rise in value and tenancy leases increase 3) as a result of this income and assets backed PAX Token a higher demand and value for the PAX Token will increase on the cryptocurrency trading exchanges 4) as Praetorian enters into its second phase of our business model, income will increase. Praetorian’s Operational Plan is, once funded, to immediately engage and consummate real property transactions in lower income but up and coming markets in New York State. As a result of this plan, PAX Token holders will begin to receive passive income in the form of net profits derived from the rental payments of tenants located in Praetorian owned properties.

Phase 1 of the Praetorian Group’s mandate is the acquisition of real property.
The Praetorian Group will purchase and operate income-producing properties that
can include office and apartment buildings, warehouses, condos and shopping
centers. While the mandate calls for acquisition of a broad range of property types,
we will focus on residential real property opportunities as we believe they are the
best foundation to create our Sound Money Cryptocurrency. In Phase 1, the
Praetorian Group will be conducting an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) of 200,000,000
PAX Tokens via a crowd funding campaign. After such campaign, the Praetorian Group will work through its partners to have the PAX token listed and traded on a number of crypto
exchanges including but not limited to DEX, Binance, Bittrex, Liqui, Poloniex,
Kraken, etc. While it is our intention to be listed on as many exchanges as possible
upon the Token Sale and shortly thereafter, we will work with each exchange on
their timelines for listing. Although there have been a small number of other
companies who have attempted to purchase real estate to back their token, these
companies intend to create their own blockchain and mine tokens in direct
competition with giants like Bitcoin and the Ethereum ecosystems. Praetorian does
not wish to re-invent the wheel and will utilize the existing technology of the
Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts to conduct its token sale and to allow for
tracking of token ownership.


Once the campaign closes, Praetorian will leverage and convert the cryptocurrency collected in the ICO back into local fiat on a deal-by-deal basis so as to not adversely affect the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum or any of the other cryptocurrencies accepted during the Token Sale. This cooperation and alliance will marry crypto and fiat by infusing tens of millions of dollars back into blighted areas in lower income areas throughout New York State that includes the five boroughs of New York City and the upstate area thus strengthening those markets and gaining trust and credibility in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This phenomenon will be money created for the first time not by a Central Bank or the International Monetary Fund, but created on the Blockchain for the protection of wealth and value for the masses. The infusion of “New Money” into depressed areas for housing and a better quality of life will change people’s lives immediately. The Praetorian Group has no political agenda and is not controlled by a central force so, for the first time in history, a pure free market economy and Laissez Faire Capitalism will emerge as a result of the Sound Money Cryptocurrency that is the PAX token. Praetorian is this company, and the blockchain is the vehicle.

The PAX Token will be sought out and accessible to anyone throughout the world to convert their cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, into a real estate backed PAX Token for the potential of high returns and to protect their holdings from the various hostile forces often seen within the cryptocurrency space. Praetorian will be a totally self-sufficient entity not having to rely on any bank or mortgage institutions to purchase its holdings. However, if Praetorian wishes to further leverage our holdings, we may seek traditional lending to enhance our reach and make our holdings in cryptocurrency go further. Furthermore, Praetorian’s PAX token will act as a secure and profitable alternative to traditional investments. PAX Token holders, as a result of their investment, hold the right to the net profit of the real property rent accumulation based on their overall percentage of holdings relative to the overall total float of PAX token. Holding PAX token does not provide and should not be interpreted as holding equity in the Praetorian Group.